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You Are Fn Kidding Me!

Life tends to be rough for the arthritic. Many days you don’t want to do things that you must do.

For me a lot of the time it is going to the gym. I joined Good Life fitness recently because I needed more than a machine in my basement that I can’t use. I get the value of switching up my activities without needing 10 grand in spare income or bulldozing down my neighbors’ house so I can add a full time gym attachment to my current 50’s wonder of a home.

But I’m proud to be doing something proactive when my disease is so damn reactive. As much as I am bitching about the aches that come with the new routine and from pushing myself. I didn’t join the gym to do the bare minimum I joined to get healthy, be in shape and feel good most of the time.

The bitch thing about arthritis is it hurts to move but it is good to move anyways.

So while I noticed I’m not always thrilled to be at the gym or in a spin class I am thrilled when I realize that I’m not feeling the ache in my knee like I used to. Some days that lack of pain is what pushes me to going to the gym.

I will confess that it struck me as odd when I felt aches in my mid thigh..round about where the ceramic joint meets the femur. During my check in with my rheumatologist I mention it and a round of x-rays occurs.

I got the call on Tuesday morning. There is something on the x-ray. I should be seeing the surgeon. I wish I could say that I wasn’t surprised because I was warned that psoriasis could grow on the joint and I could be looking at more surgeries to clean the scales off of the joints.

Now I could be all macho and talk about how I didn’t get upset. That I handled the news with calm and zen.

But the truth is I had a complete meltdown in my shower.  My Flip shower head may never forgive me for the things I screamed at it.

My hip joints are only 4 years old with an estimated shelf life of 20 – 30 provided I take care of myself. I felt so lost thinking about the things in my life that make having to take time off to have my joints taken apart and cleaned and put back together never mind what the recovery time can be.

I am not ok with this being my possible fate but I’m not stopping what I am doing with my life to worry about it because I’ve recently taken on a full plate.

Busy keeps me from becoming insane with trying to find ways to control things that just aren’t controllable.

Then I’m insane from being busy.

From my getting fit file:

This week I learned that a newbie shouldn’t get on a treadmill and think that it is Just a Treadmill. I selected a setting and used it for my cool down. My thighs are still not sure that I’m not completely nuts.

Ah well Friday! Means sauna treat day!