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Fun Facts for St. Pat’s!

Broken Secrets

March 17th is the big day. I’m giving you some notice so you can dig to the bottom of your laundry pile, find your green shirt from last year and put it in the washing machine.

If you can’t find a green shirt, go with a blue one instead. According to historians, blue was the original color associated with Saint Patrick. In fact, the 1912 dress code for Lord Chamberlain specified that the household of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland should wear St. Patrick’s blue.

The 1924 Irish Olympic football team wore St Patrick’s blue and the Northern Ireland team (known then as the “Ireland association football team”) wore St. Patrick’s blue jerseys from 1882 until 1931, when they switched to green.

Let me tell you why…

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True leaders not only lead with class….they leave with class.

You Can't Phone It In

Over the last several months, I have been unfortunate enough to observe a failure in leadership and ownership that illustrates the difference between being a leader and an out of control ego-driven human.  Not only has this leader driven the car into the ditch, he is lighting the match to burn the evidence and is standing with shovel to ensure that the left over carcass is buried in the ditch.  He is hoping that the powers that be will be unable to locate the remains.

For the last 10 years, this individual has put his ego ahead of his organization.  He has publically and privately humiliated his team members.  He has repeatedly broken the trust of his stakeholders.  He is desperately holding on to the seat of power such as it is.  Even being publically humiliated isn’t enough for him to park his ego at the door and do what is…

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I could blog it but Lisa already said it. Louis Riel School Division I’m looking at you.

I love positive stuff about my city! Check out Lisa on her mission to post amazing things about Winnipeg every day until the end of the year (or the end of time according to the Aztecs)

A Tawdry Broad's Backtalk

So I’ve decided in an effort to become more aware of the great opportunities that Winnipeg has to offer, I will be posting a daily blog with a new ‘why I love Winnipeg’ item.

This will be an incredible challenge for me for a number of reasons.  1, I tend to let the blog slip and remain untended for months at a time and 2, there is no way I can come close to thinking of 338 reasons why I love this town. I can crack 15-20 without a sweat, but I’m going to need to dig deep, and explore.

I plan on visiting restaurants and attractions I’ve never frequented, talk to people I don’t know, move outside my comfort zone in an effort to remind myself and others why Winnipeg is so amazing.

Starting today, and running until December 31st (barring the end of the world on December 21st…

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Check out Lisa. A refreshing and honest blog.

A Tawdry Broad's Backtalk

“…My child, beware of “good enough,”
It isn’t made of sterling stuff;
It’s something anyone can do,
It marks the many from the few…”

I’m finding myself incredibly and immeasurably disheartened with the state of our public education system, and the lack of importance they appear to be putting on, well, education.

I don’t quite know when the shift happened, but somewhere along the line we’ve lost site of what we need to be teaching our children.  Our future.

The importance we once placed on excelling, and challenging ourselves has long since disappeared.  Extracurricular activities that focus on enhancing their education and stimulating their brains have all but disappeared – at least they have in our division.

I’ve been researching science fairs recently, as my daughter adores science, and is always thirsting for more knowledge and information.  I found absolutely nothing within our home school, or division and went on…

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