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A Simple Indulgence

I’ve got issues.

I often have issues with spending money on myself. Be it a gift or a need I will talk myself out of any purchase that involves myself.

When Kevin and I finally had our wedding almost 10 years ago I got a simple band that matched Kevin’s. It was something we could afford at the time. I told Kevin that he could get me diamonds when we reached the 10 year milestone. Even though we married with 7 years invested already 10 is still a major milestone for any married couple in my opinion.

However, the titanium rings we purchased 10 years ago no longer work as Kevin lost a fair amount of weight and his ring couldn’t be re-sized and as we no longer matched I turned my eye to a new ring for myself as well. However, I could talk myself out of every ring, every style and every price range.

Until recently when I found a little jeweler I never knew existed. Sutton Smithworks. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing their showroom and found a ring that I enjoyed visiting.

A lot.

So I recently took the plunge and told them what I had for a budget and what I really loved about the ring that had caught my eye. It was a trinity of stones collected together and they all complimented each other in such a wonderful way. That’s what I wanted as much as it can seem that we are abrasive to each other Kevin and I compliment each other amazingly and well three plays a part into our lives as we have three kids, live in a house numbered 13,  heck our kids are right now 3, 6, and 9 years of age so 3 is a number that weaves throughout our life together.

And they made magic happen. A ring that was just a picture I adored is now on my finger and I’m in love. It is my ring. Much like those TLC shows where they cry when the get the find the right wedding dress for them I know this is my ring.

My ring. Custom designed and brought to life by Sutton Smithworks!

So for the first time in a long time I got myself something that I didn’t really need but it was something that I really wanted.