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Lucky ’13!

We are all familiar with the stories about how unlucky 13 is considered to be. Not so much for us here in our home though. We have always considered 13 to be lucky for us.

When we were house hunting and despite the numerous houses we looked at and put offers on we eventually got a house #13 on our street. While our house has needed some love and care it is still the house we brought our 3 children home to and will probably be our home until such time as we don’t need to live here anymore.

Our 13th anniversary came after a double hip replacement and two years of Kevin handling everything and I suffering with pain and developing a dependency on pain killers. The hip replacements were needed after almost a decade after an arthritis diagnosis, dealing with medications and the ups and downs of learning to live with a chronic illness. Shortly after celebrating #13 we found out that our 3rd child would be due just before we celebrated #14.

So coming off of 2012, a year where we’ve had financial hardship, emotional hardship, medical tests and worrying about results, periods of marital stress and where it feels like I’ve lost more than I’ve won I was pretty happy to wave goodbye with my middle finger held high two days ago.

Goodbye 2012! Farewell! You won’t be missed! The Mayans might have been wrong about the end of the world but my world was rocked with trial after trial. Rising above again and again.

Frankly that routine gets old and I’m not sure about anyone else but I tire of having to rise up all the time. Some days it would be wonderful to wake up singing like an old Hollywood movie.

So here’s 2013 and shortly after midnight I mentioned to Kevin that 13 has always been lucky when it seemed like things were just not going our way. When we needed something big, something life changing, something life affirming 13 is part of the chain of events that push us forward.

Not one to sit and wait my first challenge of 2013 starts almost immediately. Saturday I am going to be sitting down and taking the series of test one takes to become a 911 Call Operator. I am thinking positive, I’m determined to pass the challenges and I am thrilled at the prospect of such a big change in my career path. My last few attempts at a career shift haven’t gone the way I hoped they would so I feel empowered to be moving forward and trying yet again to shape my life in a way where I help others. I find I like the idea of being the calm presence when folks are in need, it makes me feel like I would find my purpose.

So come on Lucky ’13! Time for the come back.