Just the Facts

If you are clicking this link because you want to know all the dirty details of what happened between my mother and the Manitoba Liberal Party…

I don’t have any.

I can confirm that my mother quit the party last night. They can claim she’s suspended for 10 months and that she won’t be coming back to the party because she quit but I ask you how can one suspend what they don’t have?

In response I cancelled my LAMP membership and resigned from the committees I sat on because I was lied to. I won’t get into who lied to me or how they lied to me but know that I was lied to by someone that sits on that board.

Someone I trusted.

I’m not a typical politician. Maybe it is because I am still idealistic enough to believe that politicians who wish to be selected to serve the people should actually have integrity and not just feign it.

It shouldn’t be a perception of integrity it should really exist.

Now as of the end of last week I had decided to look past the comments of other party members, including the one person that thought it would be great to libel my name on Facebook by declaring rumors as known fact.  I wanted to save what was my party and I was confident I could set aside the personal attacks and focus on that.

In fact I vocally re-committed to the party Saturday afternoon in a meeting with party officials and said that despite the libelous actions of another party member I would work past it. That changed with a phone call last night.

I’m a mom. I have 3 kids and I tell them everyday that lying is wrong. To be a liar is wrong, to mislead people is wrong, and it is wrong to not keep your word. So how can I look at them everyday and tell them to be honest and upstanding when I, myself, would be in a room with folks who aren’t upstanding or honest themselves. It would be like silently endorsing what they do and who they are as o.k.

Then there is the issue of my kids looking up to these people and thinking they are worthy of their respect and admiration. I’d rather be someone they can look up to with respect and admiration and know that I earned it because I walk my talk about being honest and standing up against something you know is wrong.

I also want my kids to think for themselves and not feel like they have to go along because people might not like them. I would never want my daughter to go along with what a boy/man wants because what if he doesn’t like her anymore. I wouldn’t want my sons to feel as if they should go along with the crowd because what if someone doesn’t like them anymore. If my kids grow up thinking that they have to go along to be liked, have friends, be respected, get anywhere, be anything I will always feel like I let them down in some fundamental way.

If you have an issue with me leaving this party and this Leader. If you have a problem with me disagreeing publicly with said Leader’s ideas and party suggestions. If you have a a problem with me writing this blog I have a newsflash for you.

It’s YOUR damn problem.

So for the person who libeled me this week here are some facts (I know you love to throw that word around):

Fact: Effective last night I QUIT the Manitoba Liberal Party. I wasn’t asked to leave, suspended, requested to turn in my membership or any other wording that makes it look like I am being punished like a petulant toddler. Also I don’t feel bad about it and I probably never will.

Fact: I was honored to have run in an election at least once in my life. One of my life goals was to run for office and, ideally, win. Despite the fact I lost I at least took the chance. I have no regrets about how it turned out. No one can ever take away that moment when I saw my name on the ballot.

Fact: I have no intention to start a new party. Any rumor stating that is incorrect and anyone saying it has absolutely no concrete fact with which to back it up. I do, however, plan to follow the model of Nero.

Fact: I know many will celebrate this. You will think you have won some grand prize liberating your party of those malcontents “that don’t speak for you”. Can’t wait to see the next one you hold up as what is wrong with the party. Beware since the next one could be you.

Fact: I’m still considering a libel suit.

Fact: I’m sad I will miss the green velvet cake I selected as dessert for the dinner (In fact I picked the whole meal…enjoy!) on March 17th. Luckily I found a recipe and will make my own so even then it is no loss.

In the end what I take away is the removal of something off my bucket list. Not a simple task either but one of those life defining ones where you walk away knowing more about who you are.

I also have the ability to look at myself in the mirror, straight in the eye and know that if money talks and bullshit walks…that I am not bullshit.


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