True leaders not only lead with class….they leave with class.

You Can't Phone It In

Over the last several months, I have been unfortunate enough to observe a failure in leadership and ownership that illustrates the difference between being a leader and an out of control ego-driven human.  Not only has this leader driven the car into the ditch, he is lighting the match to burn the evidence and is standing with shovel to ensure that the left over carcass is buried in the ditch.  He is hoping that the powers that be will be unable to locate the remains.

For the last 10 years, this individual has put his ego ahead of his organization.  He has publically and privately humiliated his team members.  He has repeatedly broken the trust of his stakeholders.  He is desperately holding on to the seat of power such as it is.  Even being publically humiliated isn’t enough for him to park his ego at the door and do what is…

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