Reflecting Pool

In recent weeks I’ve seen my political life take a back seat to my personal life. Since the election the political side of things I’ve left at the wayside focusing on my family, going back to my regular job, and deciding to try new opportunities and make some changes in my life.

Could be a mid-life crisis. You know desire for a new career and looking for new opportunities.

Politics isn’t very far from my heart. I’ve watched the cabinet shuffle in recent weeks with interest and the PC build up to a leadership race. I respond to these things as a mother, as a taxpayer and as a chronic illness patient. Always with my gut and always with emotion.

In recent weeks I’ve been reflecting on my reasons for running. I plan to run again. This I am sure of. I loved the door knocking. I loved meeting people, hearing people, connecting with people. I met people that influenced me, people that inspire me, people that to this day I know care about their province and their neighborhoods.

The experience could only have been enhanced with a Win.

So I’ve committed to run in 2015. I’ve committed myself to the rebuilding of my party and I’ve agreed to be an active participant in that rebuilding.

All good positive steps but the one thing I come back to is that I want to be sure that I don’t loose the passion I have for politics. I want to keep in mind the reasons I want to run in the first place.

At the heart of it all what I know is that I would still be honoured to be the MLA for the voters here. That I wouldn’t be silent when crime hits the heart of a suburban neighborhood for the first time, the second time, the third time or the fourth time.  I know that serving people is about being accountable to them not showing up for the photo op and heading out before I might actually have to talk to voters.

When I reflect on that purpose I realize I still want to do it. Which means then must mean that I should do it.


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Wife, Mom, Politician, Project Manager, Arthritic, Blue Bomber Season Ticket holder, Mary Kay Rep, and Advocate. I'm a whole lot of different and proud of it! View all posts by Shirley Robert

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