A Case of Writer’s Block

So a lot of the time I find myself sitting at the Add  a New Post screen with lots on my mind but nothing to say.

A raging case of writer’s block it seems.

I could blog about the fact that my recent rheumatologist appointment was amazing and that the Enbrel seems to be working as well I could have hoped. My Methotrexate which was 20 mg a few short months ago is now reduced to 5 mgs. A minor change but one of massive proportion. It is indicative of how well the Enbrel is working.

I could blog about the fact that my main New Year’s Resolution to Seize the Day is in good order. When moments are happening I am trying to be in them instead of wishing I had been in them. From times with the kids to introducing myself to folks I have managed to working towards my goals and successes for this coming year I’ve managed to talk myself into doing things instead of talking myself out of doing things. It is rather empowering and exhilarating to be living my resolution instead of begrudging it.

I could blog about how busy I seem to make myself these days. Busy seems to be where I am these days but I’ve finally become o.k. with it. I’m very excited to see the projects on my desk go forward to completion

The problem with these topics is that in my mind they are only half complete topics that I can’t seem to take from start to finish of thought.

Originally I started this blog to release the writer’s block that had kept me from putting pen to paper in a number of years and yet I find myself often starting topics but never finishing them, or thinking the topics I have in front of me aren’t of interest.

Because this blog is just burning up the Internet right?

Maybe once in a while a case of writer’s block isn’t a bad thing.

Makes you take stock of what is going on around you and what you are part of.



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Wife, Mom, Politician, Project Manager, Arthritic, Blue Bomber Season Ticket holder, Mary Kay Rep, and Advocate. I'm a whole lot of different and proud of it! View all posts by Shirley Robert

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