The Fine Art…

Of Pitching In.

Kevin did a solid for me yesterday. He gave up his sleep time so I could attend a Mary Kay instructional event. The event was amazing as I learned a lot and was even surprised to find I got a small honour for being half way to Princess Court of Sales for the year. I left feeling energized and ready to tackle this business with both hands.

So this morning I got up with the kids and let Kevin sleep. As I was measuring out the flour for my pancake batter *side bar I have actually found as simple and wonderful pancake recipe from scratch. I actually don’t buy pre-made pancake mix anymore. Go Me!* I realized that Kevin was going to be awfully busy and we all needed laundry done, beds changed, and Sunday is the big clean day where the house gets the good scrubbing that we end up wondering what happened to it by Sunday night. Kevin had made plans to take Nathaniel and Ashleigh to see their cousins today for a visit and birthday present delivery. Today is ideal because it is right between the two girl’s birthdays. Today is also the day before school starts for the term and the older two kids need clean clothes for the week as do I, plus clean towels and sheets are always a nice way to start the week.

So unless I was going to develop a cloning machine there was no way Kevin can be here and take the older two for their visit so I figure I can bitch about it not being done or untie the piano from my ass, pitch in and have it done so that everything that is on for today is done.

Also be a good example for my kids that are in a serious phase of “Well that isn’t my chore”.

So I started cleaning up the clutter of papers and mail that had piled up and I’m slowly working through the pile of laundry that needs to be washed, dried and put away before the day is over. I swear Sunday is the City of Winnipeg’s favourite day of the week. My water consumption goes up exponentially (even running full cold water loads add up in a family of 5). Room by room they are getting set in order and by the time Kevin got up all that was left was to vacuum and organize our laundry which I jumped into as he showered.

The kitchen will more than likely wait until later today. Mostly because when I sat down with a brewed cup of Nabob after stopping for a bite of lunch my body seems to be ready for some rest. I knew it would happen and even said as much to Kevin earlier.

Luckily a lot of laundry can be folded with the piano tied to your ass 😀


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