Carpe Diem!

CCR has a song that is one of my favourites and it is called Someday Never Comes.

And the song is true. Someday doesn’t ever come but we easily try to convince ourselves that it will.

Someday I’ll loose weight.

Someday I’ll have more money.

Someday I’ll take that vacation, spend more time with my kids, be a more present parent…




So my biggest resolution for 2012 wasn’t to be more active (but it is on the list) or to be a better mom (but I do want to stop sweating the smaller stuff) or paying off some credit cards (but also on the list).

My biggest resolution was to adopt the Roman motto of  Carpe Diem or Seize the Day.

Now my challenge is to watch for the opportunities that come into my life everyday and take them with both hands. Be it watching some Wipeout with my kids, starting a conversation about my new Mary Kay business with someone, or having lunch with an old friend that I hadn’t seen in a while (but lives 5 minute from my home) it is time to make the most of life.

It could be that deep down I’m shaking off the malaise that I’ve had for the last few years. I don’t think it would be a surprise that I’ve been battling my illness and there is a definite mental side to dealing with arthritis.

It could be the new meds.There is something to be said for not feeling like crap 4 days a week and for the first time in a long time I don’t dread medication time. I mean I do have some irritation around the injection site but nothing that can’t be dealt with with an ice pack. It’s easier to take on my life knowing I don’t have the schedule the best parts of it into 3 days a week.

It could be that I have found myself with goals that depend on my own guts and gumption to get them done again. Much like when I ran in the election last fall and all I had to was guts and gumption to push me through to the end.

All of the things that I want to be, want to finish, want to have depend on my actions today.

Not on the elusive someday.

That will never come.


About Shirley Robert

Wife, Mom, Politician, Project Manager, Arthritic, Blue Bomber Season Ticket holder, Mary Kay Rep, and Advocate. I'm a whole lot of different and proud of it! View all posts by Shirley Robert

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