Thanksgiving approaches

October is here and with my favourite time of year comes Thanksgiving, Ashleigh’s birthday and Halloween.

First comes Thanksgiving on Monday.

Thanksgiving is my holiday as in I cook the meal every year. I make standard fare turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, carrot loaf and dressing. As my cooking skills have been a work in progress I try to do better every Thanksgiving. Last year I attempted my first brine and it turned out well. My dad commented that the turkey was wonderfully juicy and my mom enjoyed my first serious attempt at dressing in probably 10 years (the last success was my kielbasa dressing of Christmas 99 or 00 I can’t remember but it worked). One of my best kitchen success that I can think of.

This year I am going to do a 24 brine process and hope to give my turkey a bit more of a maple flavour.

In fact the brine is being made on the stove top now while I sip my pumpkin-tini.

There’s lots to be thankful for this year. Another year of health, another year of family, and another year of making new friends and still being together.

On Monday we will gather with food and drink together to be thankful for our home, our table of food, our health and our family.

It is a charmed, if simple, life.


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Wife, Mom, Politician, Project Manager, Arthritic, Blue Bomber Season Ticket holder, Mary Kay Rep, and Advocate. I'm a whole lot of different and proud of it! View all posts by Shirley Robert

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