Growing Pains

May 29th marks the last day I lived with chronic arthritic hip pain and the last day of the worst hell I have ever known.

My left hip turns 3 tomorrow.

I wonder if it is wrong to have cake. I’d guess that having a party would be going a bit too far.

The last week has been pure hell. If I am not butting heads with one child then I’m butting heads with Kevin. If I’m not stressing about work then I’m stressing about my political ventures. If I’m not forgetting one kid had early dismissal then I’m forgetting about meetings and deadlines.

To say this last week has been a stressful mess would an accurate summation.

I couldn’t get on top of things to save myself.

Then family issues went boom. Something to be said when you feel like you aren’t worth an effort by someone you always thought loved you very much. I guess at the end of the day I don’t doubt that this person loves me but more like how can you feel loved when so little an effort is made. My kids make special suppers too. My kids should be able to see the great grandma too.

Luckily thanks to many of the extended family in their lives my kids have low expectations of most adults. It’s not a good thing that Nathaniel and Ashleigh are disillusioned at such a young age with adults they are supposed to believe in.

It’s been a week full of growing pains. Of course with these growing pains there is always some sort of evolution. We realizes we are stronger than we thought, our relationships change and while it isn’t always for the better you have to tell yourself that this is how it is supposed to be.

It might not be the truth but who the hell has time to curl up and go fetal these days.

For today though I’m going to focus on the good. It’s new week, my left hip is 3 in a few short hours, we are going to have dinner with my folks tonight and I found a new friend that I can talk to about all the silly crazy stuff in my life.



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