A time of renewal.

A time to open windows for fresh air.

A time to shut off the furnance.

A time to try new things.

A time to clean out the basement (again).

So sums up the last few days. Kevin and I took advantage of some kid free time and worked hard on getting our basement cleaned out and prepping some space for the kids to be able to play and a space where Nathaniel can go and be during nap times when his room is co-opted by his younger brother. The next plan is to start putting in the dream second bathroom we had to rip out to remove mould from our home and eventually a room for Nathaniel all his own.

Nathaniel did try something new. He rode his bike without fear and without training wheels. It was worth the jeans with ripped knees to see the pride in his face when he realized he can do anything he wants to if he really does try and doesn’t give up so easily. Ashleigh is planning to be without her training wheels soon too.

Nathaniel and Ashleigh are also both going to try something new next week…soccer. I can’t wait to get Ashleigh her jersey on Saturday and to take photos of her and Nathaniel both wearing their jerseys. I know they are excited to be doing an out of school activity with their friends which was one of the reasons they left Tae Kwon Do in the winter. I’ve been joking that now I need a Volvo.

Nicholas, I hope, will eventually try something new called sleeping. He’s not slept through the night in sometime now which is starting to wear on Kevin more than myself but lack of sleep travels down the pike and eventually causes problems for all of us. I am pretty sure it is his new and final four molars causing the issue and frankly they can’t cut soon enough for my tastes.

As for me I’ve decided that I need to loose 15lbs the sooner the better. My issue is that I love food and I love eating all of the flavours that Kevin brings to our table. My other issue is that with my arthritis I find it very hard to stick with standard weight loss regimes because I have good days and bad days with my disease as well as my medication regime. I do like to dance and loved when I did bellydance. I was invited to try a pole dancing class and I think I’m going to give it a try with some friends. I do also want to go back to bellydance and give Zumba a try as well. I want to dance my way back to my previous weight. Unfortunately a round of Prednisone at Christmas of all times helped me to gain weight and has made it hard to loose weight but I am determined to loose these pounds.

I need to for the future of my hip joints.


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