Feel the fear…

And get behind the wheel anyway.

My car Christine was written off at the end of June. Then just under a month ago I was driving a car that I had borrowed from someone and was rear ended.

To say I’m jumpy from the whole experience would be an understatement. I worry about more car accidents and while I haven’t been staying away from being behind the wheel as evidenced by the long road trip recently taken. However, Laverene is our car and if something happens I can deal with it.

My parents have left my dad’s car for me to use if I want to. I could not be having Kevin bring me to work, I could be taking care of my own stuff but I am too nervous to get behind the wheel. At least of someone else’s vehicle.

Of course now I have to face this fear I have by driving the car in the driveway to a few events in the next week. As Kevin has to handle 2 pick ups starting on Monday so it’s unrealistic to have him strapped into a van taking everyone all around to their various must be places. Kids have school, I have work and other committements as I move from my current career path to the one I feel I must be moving to.

So now I am having to tackle my fear of driving someone else’s car. Being responsible for someone else’s property in an act where you don’t control all of the varibles. I am having anxiety over having to do this. Hell my hands shake at the thought.

Tomorrow morning after breakfast has been made and kids and husband have been kissed and I head out the door for a full day event I will climb behind the wheel of a car I have driven only once but that my mother continues to encourage me to drive to work and go on with my day.

I’m pretty sure that if I can get through driving it tomorrow…as long as fate puts the finger of boom on someone else.


About Shirley Robert

Wife, Mom, Politician, Project Manager, Arthritic, Blue Bomber Season Ticket holder, Mary Kay Rep, and Advocate. I'm a whole lot of different and proud of it! View all posts by Shirley Robert

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