Wheel in the sky

Amazing how time rolls on and before we know it summer rolls into fall. The trees roll into their fall fashions of yellow and red and kids go back into school. Yesterday we met with Nathaniel’s Grade 2 teacher and Ashleigh’s Kindergarten teacher and on that front I am quite happy with where my kids are going to be this year. Nathaniel has had two off years with a mixture of teachers, styles and what one dear friend of mine terms “busy work”. This teacher seems determined to do less busy work and more working on the areas where he needs work. I am looking forward to working with this teacher to hopefully re-ignite Nathaniel’s love of study. He started school today.

Ashleigh is going to do well with her teacher. She strikes me as very imaginative. She had even set up little bags for her new students filled with little goodies and a card to explain what each little goodie meant in terms of going to Kindergarten. Ashleigh’s first day of school ever will be Monday.

I find myself also undergoing my own evolution. The trip to my grandma’s did give me some balance as I often find when I am up north I loose the stress got to balance and roll with is a bit more. I managed to not hide behind Kevin when it came to dealing with the kids and issues. We had to work together, problem solve together and finally survive each other. After two long stints in the van there and back, 3 days of visiting, playing, eating and of course disagreeing we came home where I found I appriciated Kevin more for just being there and faught with my kids just a bit less over the battles not worth having.

Somewhere in the trip my grandma and I sat down and she started sharing with me stories I had never heard before about my grandfather. I’ve learned more about “Ms. Reid” as my grandma refers to her mil and the trip that my grandparents had taken to Scotland. It made me see my grandfather in a different light and the stories made me laugh. I also learned that my grandad had some pretty amazing friends (a Lady whom was friends with Rudy…as in Valentino). It was good to hear things that I hadn’t heard before. It helps to give someone a 360 view of those they look at in only a certain way. I also get a good idea of where my grandmother is coming from when she gives me her advice.

Life without my own set of wheels is complex. Kevin and my dad are sharing carpooling duties. I don’t like having to spend so much time relying on others but considering that the wagon I had borrowed was written off after I was rear ended I am not really ready to jump back into to driving another borrowed car. Of course now with fall items starting to come together and fall schedules being set the need for a second car grows. I have an event on Saturday, an event on Monday, two events on Tuesday and on and on. I will have to break down and eventually borrow a car from my parents to get through until the rest of the situtation is worked out.

Somewhere in all the hustle and bustle of life there’s little moments of self indulgence. Scones and Masterchef with Kevin on Wednesdays. Green tea milkshake this weekend as we have finished our first 6 weeks of BowFlex (down 2.8 kgs go me!) we can have a bad weekend before going back to the grind again for another 6 weeks.

Now if I can just get sometime to sleep in sometime soon :D.


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