Mental Diet

I recently started a diet. I want to loose those last 20lbs and start working on making my curves jiggle less.

So week 2 on the Bowflex and while I am starting to see a small loss already I am having a mental diet issue. I walk along through stores and in making good choices I know that are a benefit to my goal to loose some weight and being what I hope is a good example for my kids on making good choices I find myself drawn to the bad choices that I want to just indulge in. More likely because I can’t really have it so thus I really want it. Forbidden fruit you know.

I keep reminding myself that it isn’t so much a diet as it is a life style change. I need to watch what I eat, I need to maintain the weight loss I hope to achieve because for every pound I loose is a small load taken off my arthritis riddled knees and already replaced hips. I want my hips to last 25 years and that only comes with care and proper maintenance.

Wow I just made myself sound like a car.

Sadly when the Ben and Jerry’s truck is parked in front of the little store I can see from my office window I find myself thinking about beating the summer heat with a nice container of Cherry Garcia.

TauntingĀ  trucks be damned!

I know what I need to do. I have already found a basic success in one week. I just wish that I didn’t spend so much time focusing on what I can’t have instead of realizing that healthy eating isn’t so bad. So I can’t have a Slurpee but I can enjoy a fresh fruit smoothie. I can’t have a pint of ice cream but I can make myself some fresh frozen yogurt.

I am blessed with the fact that the kids enjoy having such treats and that makes it easier when I am trying to be good.

Of course I plan on spoiling myself just a bit on Saturday when we go to the Belgian Pavillion for dinner.

Maybe that will make it a bit easier the next time I think I really wish I could have that.


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