Watching Monkey Grow!

Nathaniel had a tooth knocked loose at Tae Kwon Do a while ago. When taken to the dentist about the matter we were told is was his baby tooth and that in time it would work its way out and to only worry if it changed colour or caused him pain.

Well today my big boy (but at heart still my first baby) had the tooth pulled and thus we have his first lost tooth with the Tooth Fairy’s arrival now considered imminent.

Upon getting the txt from Kevin just a few short minutes ago I started to cry. It was happy crying. These are the similar tears I cried upon leaving Nathaniel for his very first day of school almost two years ago. It was a milestone that soon Ashleigh will have for herself and I am sure those happy tears will fall again.

He’s growing, he’s changing heck soon he will be halfway to being an adult and these milestones of life are the simple moments where you get to see them actually change, actually grow instead of those days when you wake up and realize that those jeans fit last week and what do you mean you need new shoes we just got you new shoes.

Tonight I will go home from work and we will look at the now gap toothed grin. We’ll celebrate his first tooth being lost, make sure we put it so that the Tooth Fairy will easily find it and tomorrow I get to enjoy the cry of him finding his tooth gone but his treasures at are in exchange.

Sometimes parenthood really can be easy.


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