Tackling Allergies

Nathaniel was suspected of having allergies two years ago. So we got the referal to the allergist and then started to remove all the allergins we could find. Carpets were removed, cat was found a new home, and mould was irradicated. We even gutted the entire basement to clean out everything we could find that could be affecting him.

At the end of his first round of testing two years ago the call was mould. We’ve been as vigilant as we can be to keep him from being exposed until this past spring. Several times Kevin or myself have taken a call from Nathaniel’s school to run down and dose him with some sort of medication. We consulted with his ped and decided we would get him a follow up with the allergist. Now here we are 2 years later and the allergies have changed and now include cats and grass of all things. He also needs to see the allergist once a year from now on.

Now we play wheel of allergy medications. First we tried Aeris which is supposed to work for 24 hours and during Tae Kwon Do camp last week it failed to keep him from flaring up in hives. Yesterday I tried Benedryl Meltaways to control Nathaniel’s flare up at an outdoor birthday party and I won’t do that again. He was mood swinging from being surly and complaining to down right rude to me. We ended up leaving before the birthday child got to open all their presents because I could see Nathaniel ramping up for a whopper of a performance after I had told him to go sit on the deck for giving me huge attitude after I reminded him that this child in question has always been a gracious guest at birthday affairs at our house and deserved his consideration. I know that he was feeling like crap but I wasn’t having it because the day should be about the birthday child and it wasn’t unfair to expect him to be patient and give the same consideration he’s gotten in the past so we left early. I wish we hadn’t had to leave early but I know Nathaniel enough to know when he’s going to try and get as many adults attention as possible and this day and occassion wasn’t about him and I was damned if he was going to try and make it about him and his hurt feelings for being reprimanded for rude.

Getting home Kevin and I discussed what had happened including the surly, cranky, nasty, demanding, attitude he’s had lately. This was also behaviour that was seen during Tae Kwon Do camp last week. So now we have to wonder if it’s the meds because that is the only thing that is different in the last couple of weeks and while Nathaniel does have his share of attitude he isn’t usually a surly, nasty child.

So this brings us to a decision what do we do about meds now. The days of summer are short and it is essential for everyone to get out and enjoy as much summer as possible to move forward into the winter ahead. Do we return to the allergist and ask for a prescription and slog through the side effects and limited options that will give us? Do we keep trying various over the counter methods when we seem to be down 2 options and how long do you play roulette of medication before you need to go back to the allergist for no doubt prescription medication?

I was lucky enough to get a bit of Claritin from an old friend to try on him and I hope it works. It’s bad enough that he has a grass allergy but as a parent it is our job to teach him to manage his allergies and not put himself at risk. However, how to do you tell your 7 year old not to run in the grass, not to play tag, not to sit under a tree on a warm day and enjoy those classic kid moments.

Might as well tell him not to breathe.


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