Back on Bowflex

I’m a curvy gal. I’ve never met a good meal that I’ve turned away.

However, there is a fine line between being curvy and being unhealthy and I don’t want to be unhealthy. I lost a large amount of weight after Nicholas was born last summer and I don’t want to gain it back.

So back on the Bowflex I go.

I know there are a lot of products out there than promise big results in a short time. I know Weight Watchers is a popular choice for a lot of folks out there wanting to take control of their health. Two summers ago before I got pregnant with Nicholas I decided to give Weight Watchers a shot and Kevin was working on the Bowflex program. I saw minimal returns with Weight Watchers in one week where Kevin saw strong results on the Bowflex. I moved from Weight Watchers to the Bowflex for a week to test it and see what I can go with it. I lost 2 lbs that week and I became a Bowflex believer.

Kevin and I have decided it’s time to get ourselves back on the Bowflex and put our health on the front burner. So today we started again and I am sore as I type this. I know that it is a good sign that I have worked my muscles just enough to make a good start to getting back to good health. I also know that strong muscles are key to the stability of my hip joints and can help heal if I ever get to the point where I need that knee replacement.

Prior to going back on the Bowflex regime we gave ourselve this weekend to enjoy a trip to the BDI. The Bridge Drive In is a Winnipeg institution of summertime enjoyment. With menu items that include the Goog Special, the Sleeping Beauty, the Cantaberry, the Graveyard, and the Peach Velvet and boasts the Creamiest Shake in Town it’s one of my favourite summer traditions. This time Kevin indulged in a Peach Velvet, Nathaniel had a Graveyard to share with Nicholas, Ashleigh has my childhood delight of a twist with sprinkles, and I selected a Peaches and Cream.  We sat at a bench with a river view and enjoyed our choices as the sun shone down and watched the river as it wound by in that way it has.

As we drove home I sat looking out the window listening to Satelite by Dave Matthew’s Band I felt a contentment that I hadn’t felt in some time. I have been feeling a lot of stress lately about if my kids are doing well, if I am a good mother, if I was doing the right things by them and Kevin, and mostly am I being selfish for jumping out there and going for my dreams. In that time of a relaxed song, content with my ice cream treat and my kids in the back talking about what a great time the BDI was I was content with my life. I felt confident to move forward with what I want to do with no fear.

Or at least minimal fear 😀


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