Grade 2?!?!?!

Tomorrow marks what is technically Nathaniel’s last day of Grade 1.

We’ll have his report in hand tomorrow and are planning an evening of pizza and movie to celebrate his milestone of passing Grade 1. I’m not sure I am ready to have him be a Grade 2 student but I think I am ready for him to move into a class with some stability. Since he started Kindergarten he’s had 4 teachers in 2 years and I don’t think that this situation has benefitted Nathaniel’s education at all.

With Nathaniel moving into Grade 2 means that Ashleigh is an official Kindergarten student. It is mind blowing to think that she’s going to be 5 soon and I know she is looking forward to starting school. In some ways she has been jealous of all the things Nathaniel has gotten to do like attend birthday parties, making new friends, going on playdates…soon she will have the same opportunities to do these things herself.

Of course first we all have to survive summer vacation. Starting Thursday Kevin will have his hands full with 3 kids full time. Nathaniel and Ashleigh will are going to attend Tae Kwon Do camp the last week of July and we have plans to go place and do things, spend time with friends, reconnect as a family.

I think by the time fall comes and school starts again that we’ll find the return to routine something we will enjoy. Like the turning of the seasons.


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