Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to the dads out there.

Biggest wishes and hopes for a great day for Kevin. He’s a good dad and while he’s not perfect he certainly tries his best everyday to be fair but firm, loving and understanding. 3 stubborn kids can push us on a daily basis and he manages to handle them. He’s a dedicated dad and staying at home has given him the chance to be the dad he always wanted to be. I often marvel at the fact that he can stay home, that he can dedicate himself to his kids full time and love it. I, personally, am not wired that way. To be fair I hope that this Father’s Day is awesome because I want to make a celebration of him. He’s stepped up so many times and in so many ways when it’s come to our family and everytime his day comes around in the last 3 years I haven’t even been able to put together the most basic of celebrations (2007 sick, 2008 surgery recovery, 2009 childbirth recovery/severe flare up) and this year I want to do something great for him. I hope our day of frolic at the Ex and then dinner with our friends at his favourite place will allow him to lay down at the end of the day and think…this was a great day and I enjoyed it.

My dad started out as a step dad. He adopted me when I was 17 and this is something that I am honest with my kids about. However, one day when it was being discussed how I was adopted I told them that folks that are adopted are very lucky because they have been chosen to be loved by those that adopt them. I have been very lucky to get a dad like the one I have. I have never wondered if I wasn’t enough as I am his only child because it seems to never have been an issue. He’s never made me feel like less of his daughter for being adopted and I know my kids are lucky to have him as a grandfather. He’s stood up for me against folks that some might say he shouldn’t stand up against and he supports me esp when I ask him for it.

Happy Father’s Day to Kevin, to my dad and to all the stand up dads out there. You know who you are and you deserve to be celebrated and acknowledged.


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