June Sunshine

I’m looking out the window at June sunshine and I’d rather be in bed sleeping. The MTX is hitting me hard these days…harder than it was before the cortesone shot so I tell myself the exhaustion, nausea and dry heaving in the shower is all good…cause that should mean the medication is working right?? Even if it isn’t I am so ready for remission to come…even for just a little while.

So I turned my life in a new way and have started the first major steps to life change. I have always wanted to bend myself to politics when I was younger and recently have been taking steps to get that to happen. Officially I put in my paperwork two days ago and am now waiting to hear where I go from here to be the candidate to run provincially in the next election. I feel energized even just by doing this because at least I can sit back and think to myself I am working on my dream and I am going to change the world when I am done being successful. I can’t wait to see where I go from here.

One of the biggest projects I have had has been the Silent Auction Co-ordinator for the Parents’ Association BBQ. The BBQ is tomorrow and I will be glad when it is done. I don’t think I did a fantastic job but I did my best and got some variety for the prizes. After this I just need to get Thank You letters done for our donors and be sure to get them out in a timely manner. I know the kids are looking forward to enjoying the BBQ and it’s  nice that we are getting to enjoy a lot of family time these days.

Which brings me to Nicholas’ 1st birthday just 10 short days away. The year passing just astounds me but then again when you miss about a third of a year it seems to pass faster than usual. We are having a BBQ celebration in the evening and will be surrounded with true friends we have been blessed to connect with or in some cases re-connect with. I am sad that my last baby will be 1 but of course the fun really starts now. I am also sad for I feel some in my life can’t be bothered to make an effort over him. For others they would be tell me about the party, the theme, the invites, the colour schemes and not so for him and that makes me sad. I am trying to focus on the friends and family that will be there to marvel at his first hands on cake experience. I am lucky to have a talented friend who will make his cake as her gift complete with a smash cake (a first for our family) for his personal enjoyment. I am lucky that we made it to this year as a family..we almost lost Nicholas, we almost lost me but we still have each other to drive crazy.

My chef and I are going to enjoy a new restaurant this weekend. My parent’s are taking the kids overnight and we are having a date night of Inferno’s Bistro and Iron Man 2. Of course Sunday afternoon will be ubber romantic with adults only grocery shopping.

Hey it’s the little things that keep a marriage going.


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