My rare gem

Kevin’s birthday is today. He doesn’t think it’s a special day but I know it is. May 23rd marks the day that the love of my life, father of my children, supporter of my dreams, rock that keeps me steady, accepter of my flaws, man who makes me crazy somedays and frustrated others was born. He completes me and without him there would be no me as I am now, no Nathaniel, no Ashleigh, and no Nicholas. No home we are slowly building together, no laughs shared as we end our day in each others arms, and no way I would have lived until I got surgery (Yes, I was that on edge I actually Goggled how much Percoet to overdose more than once).

He completes me and without him being born I’d spend my life incomplete.

He doesn’t see himself as special and it’s heartbraking to me. He doesn’t think he’s worth a day of celebration for the fact that he was born. I curse everyone that made him think that way about himself.

Happy Birthday Sweetie. My love, my partner, my best friend, my supporter, my rock. I am looking forward to spending the day celebrating you and I know the kids are too.


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