The Complexities of Ashleigh

Ashleigh is 4 going on 16. She this complex little thing just a few short months away from her 5th birthday. Of all my kids she frustrates the most and I suspect it is for simple reason…she’s my daughter.

I don’t do manipulation with crying. I find it useless and a complete waste of time. Kevin also doesn’t react to it. He just finds it annoying. So with all three kids tantrums have been ceremoniously ignored. Somehow even 2 years after the terrible twos Ashleigh still resorts to it as her get out of jail free card. It’s annoying and frustrating because she’s smart, she’s tough, she always charges forward with no fear but if she suspects that there is a hell storm coming her way she begins to turn on the tears and play helpless. It gets her as far as it did when she was 2 and yet she continues. Her Oscar acceptance 25 years from will I am sure be one of my proudest moments as a mom.

I think it bothers me so much because I know she has so much potential. It was commented to me last week that if she has no fear she could be a National Tae Kwon Do Champion by the time she is a Junior…which is 10 if you are keeping score. To hear that she has that potential is mind blowing. She’s 4.5 but she is very strong willed and completely fearless. When she breaks down into crying instead of trying I often wonder when she became a crazy 16 year old girl.

I love her but sometimes she makes me crazy. I do hope that she can embrace herself and use her powers for good.


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