When there just isn’t enough to do

My Dell Inspiron decided it would rather give me more headaches than help me get productive. It stopped working on Saturday and despite trying to get any sign of life back it was not responding well to my begging and pleading and responded even less well to my swearing and threats. So I have been laptop-less since Saturday night and frankly unable to work for the most part as my hard drive holds the secrets of what I do for living. Sunday call to Dell gets me an agreement that yes I do have next business day tech home service. Logically one would assume that Monday would qualify as the next business day tech home service…

Apparently that would be wrong.

Here it is Tuesday and I am finding myself having to wait for a tech to arrive with a new motherboard. I am so fracking p.o.’d right now because of the fact that while Dell assumes I have nothing better to do than sit around and wait for their brilliance to shine down on me the truth is I can’t afford any more hours away from work. I have a lot of flexibility in my job and it allows me to be the mom I want to be, the employee I need to be and to support both my husband and my mother in their life goals. I’m very lucky that way and I know it. However, I don’t like it when situations make me feel like I am abusing the leeway I already get. I write things for a living and one could say that I can do that anywhere and it’s true I can. I have had some of my best inspiration walking through Costco looking for coffee…however I can’t when my paperwork is locked on a hard drive of a computer that won’t boot and a tech is not forthcoming. Kevin has his own work to do and can’t just hand me his desktop to work on whenever I need it. I’ve been using his desktop to keep on top a few things that don’t require anything major but I haven’t checked email since Friday so if you are waiting on an answer from me…it’s locked in my email box and be held hostage by a dead Dell. Please forward complaints to Dell if I missed a deadline for you.

Ultimately it’s the knowing that my job is dependant on the abilities of other people that frustrates me the most. I am not a fan of folks being able to hold me up because they are having issues meeting their end of the deal. Dell says Next Business Day Tech Service at home and it seems what it means is the next business day as we determine it. I shouldn’t be surprised as Dell really has been less than stellar almost anytime I have dealt with them. From tech support that would be mortified to deviate from the script as evidenced by the fight I once had insisting that Windows Vista was not causing my errors (turns out a week later Western Digital launched a massive recall of hard drives) to customer support folks failing to read my contract before telling me which services I will be getting as evidenced by the recent phone call when I had to remind the CSR that I have Next Business Day Home Service (which I got put on hold to confirm).

I am not one for going off on the folks who answer the phone. I’ve done that job and it sucks when you win the lottery of the irrate customer so I always try to be respectful and understanding of the fact that their jobs are only as easy as the company makes it. Ultimately though there is a breaking point for me. I am pretty sure I am going to reach it soon.


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