The family that parties together

Today we gathered with a list of distiguished guests to celebrate the wonder that is Nathaniel. He turns 7 on Monday and today we hosted the friends with whom he enjoys being around the most. We went blacklight mini golfing, had lunch, and Nathaniel enjoyed the variety of gifts he got. I revelled in the joy of the moment something I had been unable to do for a long time. After the party was over and Kevin and I had loaded our kids and the ones we were giving a ride home to in our van Nathaniel wished to have the party continue so I pulled out my cel phone and quickly arranged an improtu playdate. Kevin took point watching the kids run around the yard, enjoying the crisp spring air and the swing set. As 3:30 rolled around kids were picked up, kids were taken home and Kevin and I decided to keep the party rolling by going to World of Wheels. We weren’t sure if we were going to make it with everything going on today but we knew Nathaniel and Ashleigh would delight in the cars and maybe we’d see Arthur Fonzerelli or Daisy Duke. It was a good bet. They were very surprised and pleased with the outing. In fact the first car they saw when we entered was Doc Hudson from Pixar’s Cars. One picture later and we had set the tone for our evening out. We didn’t see Fonzie or Daisy but my kids’ chatter in the back of the van after we had seen all there was to see was re-assurance that we had pushed ourselves for the greater good. The day was finished with dinner at Sal’s. If you ever come to Winnipeg you have to take time to enjoy a nip at Sal’s. It’s an institution of good eating.

I know that the last time I felt this good around Nathaniel’s birthday was when he turned 3. The birthdays in between are a mix of pain, painkillers and last year I was 7 months pregnant with Nicholas and pretty feaking tired most of the time. This year I have aches and pains but they are controlled most of the time and often don’t require the use of heavy narcotics to cope.  I won’t lie pain makes me cranky though but I’d take a bit of pain to enjoy the milestones of my kids lives. What makes things most hard is that I just tired so damn easily and I hate it and it makes me feel weak. When my hips were at their worst, when my pain was at the highest point, when I was someone that medical professionals were confounded by I always felt weak. Everyday was a nightmare of weakness and I always felt the drive to be strong.

However, I veer off topic. This is supposed to be a wonderful happy post about good things. The sad thing is that only two years of my life colour all the experiences that come after it.

Tomorrow we gather with family and our friends to celebrate Nathaniel’s birthday further. Dinner with my parent’s and my uncle and then having folks gather over ice cream from Marble Slab to futher celebrate. Finally Monday will dawn with breakfast and then a day of Star Wars movies. I warm at the thought of all this I get to enjoy this weekend. Tiring as it will be this weekend it’s worth celebrating life in it’s crazy hectic greatness.

I can’t wait to celebrate when Nicholas turns one.


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