He does me proud

As Nathaniel has grown he seems to go through these periods of trying on new personalities. It’s not always for the best and often leaves me wondering “who is this kid?”

Recently in an effort to give Nathaniel some wings, some sense of self confidence and a place where the philosophy taught can be taken into his everyday life we enrolled him in Tae Kwon Do. He’s driven to earn patches and compliments from Master Sonny and we’ve been honest with him about how he can only earn these things and that we can’t do anything for him. He needs to control himself and still his temper.

This week has been an amazing week for him. He’s only had an issue with goofing off in class this week but on the whole he’s done well. A week and a half ago he was in trouble for shoving another kid from behind so if I really had to choose I can handle a little bit of goofing off over getting physical with someone. We all do a little goofing off from time to time even as adults. If you think you don’t remember that next time you are checking Facebook on your lunch break.

Today is Nathaniel’s last day of class before Spring Break and his birthday is on Monday. I know he wanted to take a small snack to share with the class so I suggested Timbits. I was going to make lemon bars but honestly I don’t have the time nor talent to mess with pasty but I would have agreed to muffins if he had pressed the issue. However, Timbits made him very happy.

So this morning I went through the Tim Horton’s Drive Thru after dropping Nathaniel at school and made two great discoveries…1) a friend from my past now works at my local Timmies and 2) Tims now takes Interact. Armed with my 40 Timbit pack, two XL coffees, and one boston cream donut I came home and worked on a few documents for work. After lunchtime I went to take the Timbits to Nathaniel’s school. He saw me when I came in and reported to the office (as per school policy) and in his rush to come see me he cut a lunch monitor off and almost caused her to fall over. I reminded him that he needed to respect his lunch monitors and do what he’s told and to head up to class that I would be there in a few minutes.

When I arrive outside of the class I notice his teacher is having to deal with some things so I walk across the hall from the door and the lunch monitor asks me if I am Nathaniel’s mom. I said I was and she said I have something I want to share with you and I thought…crap what happened now. Well actually my thoughts were far more colourful than that but this is a family blog.

What she had to share with me and Nathaniel’s teacher was this…that after he got back in line on the stairs he told her he was sorry for almost running into her and knocking her down but that he had seen his mom at the office and wanted to say hi. Nathaniel’s teacher followed this up with Nathaniel is one of the more polite kids in class and I felt such a rush of pride.

This was on top of how he jumped in yesterday to help a younger kid just starting out in Tae Kwon Do. He helped him to do drills, and follow directions about getting in the back of the line. I got compliments from that little ones’ mom on how wonderfully he helped him and I proudly told Master Sonny how I saw a change in him in just this week alone.

He made me so proud this week. For the first time in a long time I didn’t think who is this kid I thought a lot of there is my wonderful son. I know that it won’t be perfect everyday but for this week I saw a great kid and didn’t run to my confidants wondering where I am failing my kid.

This week I feel like a good mother.


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