Julia Child…of the Crockpot

Tuesday and Thursday Tae Kwon Do puts a crimp in our dinner plans. The time we usually sit at the table will be the time we will be watching our kids take the lessons of Tae Kwon Do and put them into action and thought. So here comes me…Julia Child of the Crockpot.

While attempting to come up with something overwhelming good tasting and somewhat nutritious that doesn’t come “from the clown’s mouth” I turn to the internet looking for a recipe. Kevin’s suggestion had been a huge crock pot full of taco soup and I wanted to check out other’s suggestions on a good pot of it. Upon Googling up Taco Soup I come across a blog of many crockpot recipes and I am inspired. This amazing author has done 365 days of crock pot cooking and started in 2008 and is still going strong to this day. Much like the famed Julie I am inspired by the way this lady has turned her crock pot from a stew and chili factory into a resource for the culinary challenged mom. It isn’t even that I can’t cook it’s more like I lack imagination. Kevin looks at a pantry and sees possibilities…I look at the pantry and see…a pantry. I just can’t think outside the box of KD. A prime example of this is Kevin can take 99 cent Ramen noodles, some 99 cent coleslaw mix, an egg and a few spices and make a tasty meal that stretches over a few people. I look at it and see just the individual ingredients and would never think to put it together or that it could be tasty and satisfying.

So tomorrow I make my Pizza Soup. I have prepped all my ingredients so that I just have to throw it in the pot and let it go all day. It will be one of my rare days where I take care of home somewhat and manage my day at work at the same time. Multitasking at it’s finest.


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