Go Go Go

The Backyardigans sing:

I gotta go, go, go, go

This past week has brought several changes to my life. I walked out and had my last commute from the office on Thursday. After a couple of weeks of hurried packing and selling of various office furniture Kevin spent Friday and yesterday hauling various boxes, tables, cupboards and office technology in an effort to get all items moved and I was at home with the kids. It was a good couple of days of seeing the other side of each other’s lives and I know I have a better appreciation of Kevin and all he does around here.

The week has been a constant hustle and bustle. It started with a scream as Nathaniel fell on Monday and broke his glasses and ended with Kevin and I at the Liberal Gala Dinner on Friday night where I had the honour of meeting Premier Dalton McGinty of Ontario. I also had the honour of eating a meal where it was dishonour to the chicken who died for it. I don’t have an issue with eating meat but at least honour the meat by preparing it with some care.

Friday and Saturday just re-enforced my respect for all that Kevin does. Handling Ashleigh and Nicholas alone isn’t too bad but add Nathaniel the rabble rouser to the mix and it’s a wild tornado of  3 distinct personalities all going at once. Kevin was exhausted after all the stuff he did over the last two days so I thought I’d take the kids and we’d work together to make Kevin a great hot meal for when he came home yesterday. I recognize that he was working hard moving stuff. So get Nicholas settled in the stroller, get the kids to change their overly warm coats for something a little suited to our 10 C degree day and off we walk to the corner IGA. Of course being in IGA is a mixture of talking about what ingredients we need for our pan of lasagne, playing ref for whose turn it was to pull the basket along, and trying to get advice from Kevin on the best way to do a cheese layer while trying to get the two kids to stay with the damn stroller. Nathaniel suggests layering Feta on the garlic bread and so I make sure to have enough herbed feta for that purpose as well as to mix in the cheese layer of ricotta. By the time we get home I’m ready for a hot shower and some quiet but alas lunch needs to be put on the table and Nicholas has reached his limit with how long he will wait for a bottle. Arguing ensues..why can’t we play outside? when can we play outside? and then when asked why they can’t listen to me as I am explaining the answers to the why I get told we listen to Daddy. Allow me to introduce myself…my name is Chopped Liver Mommy.

Turns out I forgot to buy eggs, onion and milk in my grand effort to get us all out of IGA alive.

I’d like to think that Kevin was heartened by the fact that we took time to make a pan of lasagne together for him. I made the sauce, Nathaniel handled the spreading of the ricotta/feta/spinach layer and Ashleigh was in charge of putting down the noodles. It was a team effort…3 of us brought together in creating something for someone that takes care of us all the time. Kevin puts a hot dinner on the table 7 days a week and I wanted him to know the mental comfort that comes from walking in the door at the end of a long day to the smell of a dinner made with care. I don’t understand how folks have lost the idea of the family supper and replaced it with fast food. I love a good McD’s run just like anyone else but I can’t replace a hot meal of chicken satay or steak with baked potato with a Big Mac.

Now it’s time to make that lasagne lunch.


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