Irons in the fire

I had a full day today. Lately it seems like I have full days everyday.

Morning routine 5 days a week is pretty much the same. Get up, shower, get the kids up, settle down long enough to listen to the morning news and weather, get dressed during traffic, get breakfast on the table for the family, and then get lunches ready for Nathaniel and myself. After that it’s get Nathaniel dressed in his winter clothes, get him and myself out the door in the car and get Nathaniel to school. After that it’s get myself to work. This makes up the first 2 hours of my day Monday through Friday. Saturday mornings I get up with the kids and let Kevin get some sleep but Sunday is my day of sleep. I treasure Sunday for that…my bit of time to be selfish and put myself first. My day ends when I come home from work to what is usually an amazing dinner prepared by Kevin. He does a great job managing our home and handling those things like family dinner at the end of the day. I then have but a handful of time to spend with my kids and hope that each minute I spend makes the right impression. Then it’s a flurry of bath times and bedtimes, giving Nicholas his snack and his bottle. I still get a small cuddle at the end of the day which I love because his reflux means he needs to be held upright for 10 mins after he eats. Then it’s blogging time, or Facebook time spending quality time with Kevin or trying to put a few pages in on my book. I mostly blog to get a snapshot of my day…some folks write it down but I prefer to type.

Lately we have been getting ready to move our office to smaller space. We have had to move our office due to issues with access for one of our staff who is handi-capped. I have nothing but empathy for Lawrence as when I was having to use my cane to get around I had nothing but issues getting around. Even the handi-capped washroom on 8 was too far away to walk for me somedays but the large step to enter the 4th floor ladies room was a form of torture the Spanish needed for the inquisition. The plan is to be in our new space for April 1st and with that comes the to do list of packing, selling office furniture, moving sold furniture, arranging for services and hoping that the new space will give me time to get things in order like alarms, phone lines, and fax lines. It’s a large undertaking but it will do us well for new space, new start. Sometimes the stink of bad Karma on a building just needs to be blown away.

I am in the process of trying to plan a career change. I want to run for office. I want to serve my community and make the province of Manitoba a place where my children can grow and stay when they are adults. I want them to be able to hold a special place in their hearts for their home…wherever they roam in this world I want home to have some mystique that you can’t explain. Like a wonderful pair of broken in shoes that you can’t part with because they are the best things you own and everytime you wear them you are sure you can walk 5000 miles in them. Today there was a bi-election in a constituency that I don’t live in and I went to volunteered to learn more about Election Day and because I believe in the process. I know that sounds trite I believe voting matters and that everyone should vote because it is your voice and you should be exercising it. Government doesn’t work if everyone isn’t doing the hiring. I will start my road to candidacy by taking over my constituency presidency later this month.

Just when I couldn’t schedule anymore in a day and a day like today when motherhood has to come first with Parent/Teacher night at school for Nathaniel I get into a car accident on the way home. No one was hurt and that is the important thing but it’s one of those life events that throws everything out of wack..for you, for the other person in the accident as insurance must be consulted and repairs scheduled. It was certainly something that I and the other driver could have done without.

Irons in the fire…where did that saying even come from?


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