Trickle down planning

I am often planning out the events of my kids lives and this always happens when I look at one milestone for one child. When I was due with Ashleigh in October 2005 I made sure to get Nathaniel his chosen Spiderman costume in September because I could be in the hospital having a baby and I wouldn’t want him to miss out on Trick or Treating or be unable to have the costume he desired because I am a poor planner. Of course I can’t always control life but for some reason I am rabid about making sure my kids don’t loose out on those things that I see as important to them…birthday parties, Halloween costumes, seeing Santa Claus etc. Of course these things might only matter to me. I am never really sure.

Now Nathaniel’s birthday is next month the big 7. I booked his party yesterday and after I realized that with one phone call I had handled all the details minus the cake that Kevin wants to try his hand at. Of course now I am thinking of Nicholas’ first birthday in June and even what shall we do for Ashleigh’s big 5 in October. Ashleigh is starting school in September I don’t know if she will have some bestest friends she will want to invite to a party but damn if I am not going to plan the hell out of it right this second in February.

Don’t even get me started on Halloween costumes. I have already given those a lot of thought but I tell myself that it is because I worry about something that will fit over long underwear or jackets. Halloween in Winnipeg can be either really nice or colder than a deep freeze in an ice cream parlor. Nevermind that last minute choice kids…mommy planned this out in February.

Now go ahead and ask me if I planned the lunches for Nathaniel and myself tomorrow or any of the other minor details that make up a day. Of course not. That would just make my life so much easier and why the hell would I want to do that.

Yeah see those little things that could make my day easier everyday doesn’t get trickled down. It gets thrown together at the last minute. So then I find myself asking why do I plan so much for a handful of days in the year but tend to put so little thought into the day to day things.


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