Methotrexate Hell

I hate methotrexate. It’s a really nasty drug. It makes me feel like dog crap and I hate that. I take it currently on Tuesday evenings. I take 1 gravol tablet before hand to try and control the nausea but it doesn’t often work and I don’t want to take more because of the fact that it will knock me out even harder. It’s a rock and a hard place. I take the meds to be a better mother but for one or two days a week I am pretty much knocked out, sucking it up and hoping that I don’t loose my lunch which makes me question what kind of mother that makes me.

I am currently enjoying the long delay that comes with being sick on methotrexate (here and now shortened to MTX). I caught a bronchial infection and it’s been almost 3 weeks and I am still trying to feel better. I wish I didn’t need to take these meds and I wish that I didn’t feel like I don’t get anything out of this medication. I am feeling my knee get worse everyday…the limited mobility, the pain, the instability all too familiar and scaring me to death. I don’t wish to have another joint replacement this soon but I can accept that it is par for the course with this disease.


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